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What to Expect

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Welcome to Downtown Chicago Chiropractic!

Discover your full health potential here with Peter McManus, DC.

There are no barriers to speaking directly with me and I will personally work with you and answer any questions that you may have.

First Visit

When you first meet with me I’ll perform a thorough examination and try to explain everything I’m doing. Your evaluation and treatment is like a conversation and I want you to be comfortable asking questions as we go along.

Our Findings

Based on what I find during your exam one of the following will occur:

  • Most patients are treated on the same day (unless there is a reason for further evaluation)
  • You will be given a home rehabilitation exercises protocol to follow
  • You will be given ample time to ask and have answered any questions may have about your treatment and recommendations
  • If we can’t help you, we’ll refer you to another medical professional

Before you leave, I’ll go over what to expect with regards to your particular recovery process and give you tips to help modify activities of daily living that might be affecting your condition to help your healing process.

Your first visit usually lasts about an hour.

Regular Visits

When you return for your follow up visit, you’ll meet with me about how you’re feeling and if there has been any improvement. Your answers will determine yor expected outcome and any suggested further care.

Once again, you’ll get more exercises to do at home.

Regular visits are typically only about 20 minutes.

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