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Medical Professional Reviews
of Peter McManus, DC

“I am the Adult Division Chief and former Residency Program Director at Tufts Medical Center, in Boston in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine.  In my field of medicine we treat musculoskeletal conditions acute and chronic among many other conditions that interfere with an individual’s life both personally and professionally.  Our goal is to maximize ones function and return them to their previous level of health and function and at times a better quality of life overall.  We work as a team with other clinicians and one is Chiropractors.

One such clinician, with whom it is without hesitation that I highly recommend, is Dr Peter McManus who is one of the only chiropractors that I sent my patients to here in the Boston area.   I too was a former patient of his and experienced first hand his knowledge, clinical and manipulative skills.   I was so impressed that I asked him to give a lecture to our PM&R residents on Chiropractics which was very well received.  It was unfortunate for me and my patients that he relocated to the Chicago area.  He is a no nonsense clinician who will help many patients and serve the community well.

I am still looking for as competent, knowledgeable and professional a chiropractor here in Boston as Dr. Peter McManus was to me and my patients.”
Joseph Hanak, MD FAAPMR
Boston, Massachusetts
August 2012

“Dr. McManus was an excellent colleague in Boston. He provided high quality chiropractic care to our students both at our Health Service and in his office. Pete was great with communication back to us including a complete assessment and treatment plan. His approach is function focused, working to help patients return to activity independently as quickly as possible without the endless weekly visits that some chiropractors recommend. I highly recommend Dr. McManus!”

David McBride, MD
Director, Student Health Services, Boston University
Assistant Professor Family Medicine”

“The people I sent Dr. M over the years… greatly benefited from his skill, professionalism, and kindness. He is a provider I highly recommend and enjoyed collaborating with.”

Gregory Fenton, M.D.
Sidney Borum Clinic
Fenway Community Health Center

“I met Dr. McManus in the summer of 2011 because I was interested in purchasing the practice he spent nearly 15 years developing.  Immediately apparent to me upon talking with him was his passion for our field and his compassion for his patients.  Dr. McManus is forward-thinking, extremely intelligent, and efficient; three qualities that in my mind are of critical importance in the changing health care landscape of the 21st century.  Rest assured that if you find yourself fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. McManus, you will receive nothing but the highest quality of care coupled with the highest clinical aptitude available.”

Michael Melander, DC, CCSP

“I had been getting chiropractic treatments for many years prior to meeting Dr. McManus.  Shortly after my first session, I had the misfortune of injuring my shoulder to the point of semi paralysis and didn’t know if I would ever regain full function.  Dr. McManus worked with me diligently over many months, using a combination of adjustments, neurological assessment, and musculoskeletal work that was incredibly comprehensive and effective.  He isn’t a chiropractor who puts people on a schedule that meets his needs, but rather takes a personalized approach to each case, making sure that your care is individualized to your condition.  He is also a really great person, with whom I would trust any referral.”

Eileen DePaula, M.Ac., M.Ed., Lic.Ac.
Root & Branch Oriental Medicine
77 West Main St., Suite 205
Hopkinton, MA  01748

“Dr. McManus is one of most highly skilled chiropractors I have ever met.  I had the honor to not only work with him collaboratively but also to be his patient!  Pete is just a great guy all around!  Ethical, smart, funny, and a great hands as an adjuster.”

Geoff DePaula M.Ac., Lic.Ac., Dipl.C.H.

“As a former colleague and patient of Dr. McManus I am doubly qualified to recommend his chiropractic care. Along with many great chiropractic treatments, which have included adjustments and specific exercise instruction, I am able to keep my previously chronic neck soreness at bay.

As an Acupuncturist I have sent several of my patients to be treated by Dr. McManus, for various health related issues. Dr. McManus’ always in depth health history reviews are always spot on. And no one knows anatomy and physiology, especially neurology, like Dr. McManus. His treatments are tailored to each patients specific needs. Always explaining what he is going to do and why.   Chicago is very lucky to get such great doctor, who will be missed back in Boston.”

William Mogan L.Ac
Acupuncture Associates of Boston
575 Boylston Street, 4th floor
Boston MA 02116

“As an acupuncturist, I’ve shared many cases with Peter. He’s one of the most knowledgeable, capable practitioners I’ve worked with. As a client, any time I’ve had an issue with my back or hips, I know I can count on Peter to set things right. ”

Terry Connell, LicAc.

“Dr. Peter McManus is one of a select few chiropractors that I refer my patients to with absolute, 100% confidence.  Every patient that I have referred, has thanked me for sending them to such a skilled practitioner whose single goal is to help them recover from their current injury or condition and return to their normal activity! As an acupuncturist, I’m lucky to consider him a colleague for both second opinions and exceptional patient care.”

Jessica L. Molleur, Lic.Ac., DNBAO

“As a professional bodyworker For 17 years,  Dr Mcmanus has provided my clients and myself outstanding chiropractic and functional movement care. His standards for excellence in all aspects of his career have set the bar extremely high. My clients lives have dramatically improved under his compassionate guidance and i owe my pain and injury free longevity as a full time massage therapist to his unyielding knowledge, professionalism and skillful application of true chiropractic health care.   You are in very very good hands in my opinion. Peter is simply – the best there is!”

Robert Bruillard CMT, LMT,
Bodyworkers of Boston

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