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Chiropractic Care for your Nervous System

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Some people have reported great results with the symptoms of allergies, ADHD, visual disturbances (diplopia), bedwetting, colic in infants, ear infections and a myriad of other things, from asthma to PMS. Over 19 years I have seen and facilitated plenty of this. There are several case studies for all kinds of things out there in the journals.

What we treat… The only thing we treat, really… is the nervous system. We do this by way of normalizing the function and feedback in the receptors in the spine. The integrity of this system can have enormous effects on other seemingly unrelated issues.

What Can I expect from treatment?

Your brain controls everything. If it is being barraged with terrible information, it is going to start to make terrible choices about controlling any number of things. I have personally seen patients improve and even fully recover from so many of the most bizarre issues over the years that it would take a book to cover it.

Does this mean that we can actively treat all conditions? No, to me, it does not. Is there a possibility that whatever you are suffering from symptomatically might respond when your nervous system is normal versus not? … Sure, based on my experience, results happen more frequently even than one would expect, actually. You would only know if you tried a few treatments. I am available for complimentary consultation and welcome any questions in this regard. I am always happy to talk about this topic.

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