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Is Your Desk Killing You?

Do you want to learn how to survive your desk, increase productivity and decrease injuries and missed work.   I now offer on site ergonomic lecture services to groups of 20 or more people during the work-day/lunch hours. These educational talks will give the attendees an understanding of the relevant anatomy involved in the most common conditions that arise from sitting improperly at a desk, the proper way to sit at a workstation, the involved anatomy and the proper exercises to avoid these injuries. Being armed with this knowledge is the best way to keep a happy and healthy workplace and to reduce injuries and loss of productivity. The average talk runs around 45-60 minutes so typically it is very good for the “lunch and learn” format. After these sessions I am more than happy to spend some time looking at individual workstations if there are existing issues that have already arisen with individual employees.

If you or your corporation is interested in these services, please feel free to share this post with your HR department and management team then contact me by email at drpetermcmanus@gmail.com or by phone at (312) 244-0413 to discuss the details. Fees are dependent on time and audience size but will be kept very affordable. Unfortunately I have to limit my geographic availability to the Loop and downtown area so that my normal office hours are not too negatively impacted. Thank you for your consideration. I very much look forward to speaking with you soon, I am at your service.

A review of these services….

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Peter McManus for over 5 years.  He has proven to be an excellent friend, partner, and a critical resource in my total wellness strategy for Arnold Worldwide. From helping me strategize my overall wellness approach, on-site chiropractic education and treatment sessions, seminars, ergonomic assessments/workspace evaluation, and health fair participation, Dr. Peter has helped Arnold contain health care and purchasing costs, reduced employee and my stress, increased awareness and education on how employees can manage and mitigate health concerns by implementing a few reasonable changes. Because of this relationship my employees have benefited from finding painless, chemical-free, and practical solutions to some common and not so common health challenges. Arnold is better company because of this dynamic relationship!”Maurice Haynes
Former Vice President, Director of WorkLife Human Resources

Reviews of clinical performance can be found at…



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